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About Saga

Saga is a neighbourhood cafe located in Sydney's Inner West that reflects my partner Maddison Howes and myself. A place that allows me to hang photos of sneakers in the bathroom, plays music that we want to listen to, a place where people want to hang out and most importantly a place that serves thoughtful and tasty food. Whether it be Brunch stuff, cake stuff, pastry stuff, milkshake stuff, we just want it to be tasty stuff. 


We went back and forth, forth and back, even side to side trying to come up with a name for our place, so picking a name for the cafe/patisserie sometimes described as a dessert bar was a saga in itself. Anyhow we landed on Saga. Conceived on a long run, thinking of names of sneakers that could possibly have some kind of suitable reference and relevance to what we wanted to achieve. Everything we cook has a story, every idea conceived has a story, how we have got to opening a place has a story and I'm sure anyone that has opened a cafe or restaurant can attest to, has a story. All of this accumulated becomes the Saga of Saga. 

- Andrew Bowden (Aka Andy Bowdy)

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